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Medical Spa: SPA Programs

Health and Beauty

this is our top wellness and fitness program.

By assessing the guest’s lifestyle and history, the medical team prepares a treatment program to be followed during the stay to effectively and quickly get back into shape and achieve mental and physical wellness.

The change in diet, regeneration and treatment of tissues together with a personalized work on muscle tone will fully meet all expectations. Preparation of a diet and maintenance program at the end of your stay will help you maintain the results you achieve. 


this program is specifically designed for those who want to restore their energy and vitality by dedicating themselves to improving their physical condition for a longer life in total efficiency.

The prevention of functional disorders is implemented by combining various activities: specific guided movement techniques, a nutritious balanced diet to restore health, massages, physical therapy, osteopathy and other daily treatments selected on an individual basis to prevent mental and physical aging.

The program improves muscle tone and body mindfulness, reducing or even eliminating most mental-motor disorders and ensuring a return of energy and wellbeing.

Absolute Relax

dedicated to those who need a mildly active period of rest to get rid of stress and promote a rediscovered sense of lightness and dynamic efficiency.

Insomnia, nervous breakdowns, physical and mental fatigue, anxiety and mood swings are often problems associated with chronic stress.

This program, in addition to daily treatment sessions, specific anti-stress activities and massages carefully studied to restore the energy needed to face daily challenges, includes a specific diet aimed at increasing energy deficiencies by fighting any weight problems, a typical consequence of stress-inducing factors.

Energetic Balance

this program is the right opportunity for those who want to find again harmony between body and mind; a unique chance to discovery your energy potential through traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and treatments that have a holistic view of humans.

A preliminary bioenergetic check-up carefully assesses Yin-Yang balance which is used to plan the different treatments available during the stay and prepare a diet program based on the energetic and nutritional properties of the foods.

The treatments are created using natural products, therapies and massages based on age-old traditions.


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